ETM Announces UPExchange Excel Add-In, an Essential Tool to Reduce Unclaimed Property Liabilities

New UPExchange tool enables companies to improve compliance right from their Excel documents.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, March 17, 2015 – Today, ETM announced a major development to further improve the functionality of UPExchange, their popular cloud-based holder reporting software. ETM's new and highly innovative Excel Add-in provides a variety of highly useful benefits that make the task of reducing unclaimed property liability even easier and more streamlined for all companies.

The new UExchange Excel Add-in furthers the wide range of benefits that over 35,000 satisfied customers current receive with UPExchange.

With the new Add-in, users can work directly from their Excel documents. They can quickly forecast report dates for unclaimed property in real-time. They can also locate current owner addresses, updated outdated addresses and query the social security death master file. All of these actions greatly reduce the potential for future liabilities.

ETM CEO Layton Olson stated, "Each year there are a wide variety of changes to state rules for unclaimed property reporting. Time and time again, our clients thank us for the efficiency we provide. We find that individuals resort to manually searching state websites for these changes, either because they can't rely on the reporting software they have or simply don't have any reporting software. That's why we've transformed the process completely. Research is now a streamlined operation that happens automatically."

The UPExchange excel Add-in computes dormancy specifics on demand. Companies will receive the precise details they need, including when items need to be reported to the state an the start/end dates for the state-required due diligence letters.

The Add-in also offers useful features such as people search, which locates current unclaimed property owner addresses through researching hundreds of public and proprietary databases. It enables on-demand standardization, correction and validation of any US address in one step, and securely cross references the Social Security Death Master File, returning names, and dates of birth and/or death.

Olson added, "The innovative use of current technology allows us to help companies stay compliant with pre-escheat tools that reduce unclaimed property liabilities. With our new Excel Add-in, we've made it even easier for companies to successfully achieve these goals."
About ETM
Founded in 2001, ETM has served nearly 50,000 companies, automating the administration and filing of financial information to meet numerous regulated reporting requirements. ETM is a web-application-development firm specializing in providing statutory financial reporting, tax-compliance, and unclaimed property reporting services; this helps to make our clients achieve greater efficiency, greater accuracy and uniform compliancy. For more information, please visit, call 855-737-1688, or e-mail

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