Consulting Group for Statutory Accounting Reporting

New Group Will Provide Outsourcing and Other Services
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — Jun 10, 2014 — ETM, developer of WingsPlus for statutory financial reporting and tax compliance — and UPExchange for unclaimed property reporting — has formed a consulting group to provide outsourcing and other services that enhance or supplement internal financial and reporting departments, including financial reporting, investment management, insurance regulations, and statutory accounting principles.
“As with so many of our initiatives, this one is driven by customer feedback and market demand,” said Layton Olson, ETM’s CEO. “More and more, insurers want to concentrate on their core competencies. They want to be confident their ancillary responsibilities — and statutory financial reporting is ancillary to their real businesses — are being managed reliably and accountably. And they want to take advantage of the same expertise we used to develop WingsPlus, our suite of statutory financial reporting and tax-compliance software. Meeting their needs aligns perfectly with our culture of customer service and responsiveness.”
The group comprises former CFOs, investment managers, accounting managers, and auditors. Its services include:
  • Investment reporting
  • Statutory Accounting Principles (SAP)
  • NAIC annual and quarterly financial statements
  • RBC reporting and modeling
  • Premium and municipal tax returns
  • State specific forms
  • Internal control assessments
  • Quality assurance reviews.
About ETM
ETM is a web-application-development firm that specializes in providing statutory financial reporting, tax-compliance, and unclaimed property reporting services, making its clients more efficient, consistently accurate, and uniformly compliant. Founded in 2001, ETM has served nearly 50,000 companies and is the leading provider of software to automate and file financial information to meet numerous regulated reporting requirements. In 2010, ETM developed a web application for Unclaimed Property reporting. ETM has pioneered the development of electronic filing specifications and electronic payment to the state regulatory departments.
For more information about ETM, please visit, call 855-737-1688, or e-mail

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