ETM delivers technology to address aspects of compliance required by many holders, yet not currently addressed by older technologies

Automating the Manual Gaps of Unclaimed Property Administration, UPEnterprise Introduces Touchless Integration and Reporting for Complex Organizations.

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, January 12, 2016 – Today, ETM announced the launch of UPEnterprise, a software application built especially to meet large and complex unclaimed property administration requirements. Building on the success of its popular counterpart UPExchange™, used by nearly 50,000 companies today, UPEnterprise automates the aspects of compliance companies perform manually, improves the aspects of compliance companies may think is automated, and introduces automation to aspects of compliance that many companies simply don’t know is possible.
ETM CEO Layton Olson stated, “The larger and more complex your unclaimed property challenges may be, the more critical your need to have tighter control over the tasks involved. Companies have discovered that older technology does not provide that control, nor does it automate the process to the degree that is necessary. UPEnterprise does.”
UPEnterprise offers robust cloud delivery through Microsoft Azure, the cloud-computing platform used by over half of Fortune 500 companies.
With UPEnterprise, clients can use a fully managed web application that offers an API to allow full database synchronization between it and all client source data systems. Group processing allows multiple companies to be processed simultaneously, and features “touchless” concurrent reporting, allowing the automatic creation of state reports simultaneously for multiple companies and states. Online payments and reporting take place through ETM’s proprietary network, which is accepted by 80% of states.
In addition to automating tasks that many companies handle manually, UPEnterprise offers options for companies to reduce their unclaimed property liabilities with pre-escheat options including People Search, Postal Address Verification, and public searches through the Long Lost Money web portal.
About ETM
Founded in 2001, ETM has served nearly 50,000 companies, automating the administration and filing of financial information to meet numerous regulated reporting requirements. ETM is a web-application-development firm specializing in providing statutory financial reporting, tax-compliance, and unclaimed property reporting services; this helps to make our clients achieve greater efficiency, greater accuracy and uniform compliancy. For more information, please visit, call 855-737-1688, or e-mail

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